Magazine Submission Request

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Magazine Submission Request


Models/Actors etc. that have been in the industry for a while know the rules of photo/video copyright for both TFP / and paid assignments. Most have stated "if you can't submit any of  SSY's Photo to a magazine then what else can you do"? I hope the reason why you chose us to photograph you was not on the premise of submitting our photos to magazines, but rather to add to your portfolio and experience level. Our goal is to protect our models and our image by making sure that we are not found in any scam, sketchy or fraudulent magazines.


Magazines Make Money from Photographers: The Magazine wants permission from the Photographer to use the photos, because they are aware of the legal ramifications. The magazine is using our photos for monetary gain, and since that is the case they should purchase full rights to the photo. Un-watermarked / Full Rights image are worth over $2500 (depending on the photo) that is why the magazine is relying on the model to retrieve the photos for them. Once the models submit photos, they win the contest and you are required to pay the $40, naturally your mom, grandma, etc purchase. Magazine makes profit from FREE photos that were submitted while the photographer receives nothing for their hard work.


  • Be cautious of any magazine that asks to you to pay a fee or enter a contest in order for them to publish your photos. These are often magazines that do not fit our aesthetic.
  • Some magazines will provide you with a free copy of the magazine if you are featured. If you are required to pay for a magazine that features you, it should not be any more than $20.
  • Legitimate magazines will contact the photographer directly for a feature.
  • Most legitimate magazines have a "style" or "genre" be it whimsical, dark, colorful, pastel, airy, outdoors, kids, teens, adult, etc.
  • Most legitimate magazines have a fully functioning website.
  • Sketchy magazines will often have names very similar to a legitimate magazine, maybe just one letter off so it can be easy to miss.
  • Check that the competition only accepts photos that have not been published before.
  • Only enter competitions from recognized big names.
  • Do your homework, Do a search for the Magazine name (make sure you have the correct spelling, scam mags will use similar names)

Reading material:


Approval / Denials: We receive submission requests on a weekly basis, some do get approved and some do not. If we feel the magazine fits our aesthetic, then we will provide the photos to the magazine directly. We have delivered in accordance to the agreement and are not obligated by any means to provide free/paid un-watermarked images to anyone especially another business.


Photo Usage: You are free to use photos that were purchased or provided to you as part of your package/agreement as much as you like (print, portfolio, sharing, sending to family and friends), however you cannot sell or provide them to another company for promotion and for monetary gain without our consent. As stated in the Model Release you signed, that is prohibited. See Release snippet below with explanation in bold red:


  • If the CLIENT has purchased/or TFP an “Image DOWNLOAD” from the PHOTOGRAPHER, upon final payment by the CLIENT, limited copyright ownership of the resulting images will be transferred to the CLIENT.
  • If the CLIENT has purchased/or TFP an “Image DOWNLOAD” from the PHOTOGRAPHER, the PHOTOGRAPHER grants the CLIENT permission to share the images on social networking websites, with family and friends, and on vendor websites as long as the images remain unaltered and textual credit is explicitly given to the PHOTOGRAPHER.
  • A PAYING CLIENT must obtain written permission from the PHOTOGRAPHER prior to publishing or selling the photographs. (Regardless if you paid or not, you still must obtain written permission)
  • The client understands the images downloaded cannot be used for profit or advertising unless a yearly Commercial Usage License has been purchased. (Magazines are for profit, even if you the model is not getting paid. The magazine makes a profit off of sells)
  • All posting of images on the internet must be acknowledged as images by the Photographer.
  • If a DOWNLOAD is not purchased you are restricted from reproducing the PHOTOGRAPHERS work without permission in writing. (You were not given limited rights to reproduce any of the photos, when a photo is provided to you as part of a TFP agreement although not purchased, you are authorized to use them )
  • Permission is hereby granted to the Photographer to use any images created under this contract for professional samples, displays, internet website pages, advertising, exhibitions, contests, and any other purpose.
  • Do not save or reproduce any photos that were not provided to you as part of the agreement. If you are found to have saved and re-distributed photos that were not provided to you, you forfeit receiving any photos that were still in reproduction prior to you sharing, re-distributing, printing etc.
    • Photos that are uploaded / shared by SSY Photography are the property of SSY Photography.
    • Do not save, screenshot etc any photos that you have not purchased or was not provided to you by SSY Photography
    • Do not edit, add filters, crops to any photos provided to you
    • Watermarks will not be removed unless they are purchased
    • Photos may not be provided to magazines, websites, etc. without the photographers consent.  (No exceptions!! Photos will be considered, however we are not obligated to do so.)
    • If SSY Staff discovers that a photo has been posted, edited, or cropped in a way in which was not produced by the SSY Photographer, or has not been purchased, SSY reserves the right to hold you liable by lawsuit for the full cost of the shoot.


If you have any questions or concerns about a magazine submission please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we will always do research before any approval, and we encourage you to do the same. With that being said, if you come to us and we decline the magazines offer to publish our photo, please do not take it as a personal vendetta against your child or their career. We will happily allow publishing for any magazine that falls in to the SSY standard rubric, which is available for you to view at any time.


Any photo taken by SSY, regardless of if it's purchased or not, MUST be submitted for approval before being sent to any magazine. Purchasing a photo does not give you the right to submit for publishing. All magazine photo entries will be directly submitted by the photographer, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Any photo discovered in a magazine unauthorized will put the parent/guardian/model/magazine at risk of a lawsuit for the full release copyright costs up to $2500 if photo is not removed within 3 business days. I hope we were able to provide clarity and wish Jordan the best. There will be no further discussion regarding our submission policies.