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Studio Rental Deposit

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Use this section to pay the Retainer and use the Easy Pay option.


How to:

1. Select only what is applicable to your package.

2. When prompted, enter a detailed description of your package.

3. Enter the total amount of your package including location, amenities, makeup etc. If you enter an incorrect amount your balance will be updated. This will  be the amount you are required to pay.

4. Coupons cannot be used.

5. A $10 convenience fee is added if you select the Easy Pay Option.


What is the difference?

Retainer: A retainer holds your spot. Non-refundable. Please read Client Agreement.

Easy Pay: Easy Pay allows you to pay in installments up to the day of the shoot. Please read Client Agreement.


You are responsible for paying the full amount by the day of your scheduled shoot. Refunds will be provided if you cancel 2 weeks prior to the shoot. If you are unable to cancel within that time frame, you may reschedule. An Invoice will be sent for the remaining balance.