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Frequently Asked Questions


Purchasing a photography session can be stressful especially if it’s your first time. We’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers our clients have asked. If your question is not listed below, send us an email or use our online chat and we’ll be glad to assist.


  1. What in the world is a session fee? Can’t I just get a bunch of photos with my booking? The session fee is the time and talent of the photographer. Much like labor costs, sitting fees, consultation/expert fees, etc. SSY Fotos uses the In Person Sales (IPS) Method like most professional photographers. We feel that a client should only purchase the photos they truly are interested in instead of forcing a batch of photos on you for a large price tag most of which you may not end up using anyway. The Large Batch method is the most expensive way of purchasing photos than you realize. Let me break it down for you (clears throat).
    1. Say we charge you $580 and provide you with the entire gallery of photos UNEDITED that all look alike. (Cool right!!??). No, not really. Why? 1. You will not be able to edit copyrighted photos. This clause is usually stated in EVERY professional photographer’s contract. 2. Majority of the photos will look alike, the only change would be maybe a shift of your head or hand. 3. You will eventually need to purchase each photo you’d like edited. Who wants to post unedited photos? I surely wouldn’t. It seems a little tacky with equipment in the background, that stubborn belly fat, and that case of last minute acne. Nope! I’ll pass.
    2. Let’s keep going. Also included in that $580 is 2 edited photos. Fantastic! Umm…not really.
    3. When this is broken down, you paid $580 for 2 edited photo, a 30 minute session, unlimited clothing, and a Large Batch of UNEDITED PHOTOS that you can’t use. But, what if you don’t like any of the photos? You just spent $580 for a bunch of photos you don’t even like.
    4. SSY Fotos charges $90, 30 minute session fee for headshots and $50 per photo you actually need with unlimited clothing changes. Let’s say you need 2 photos like the above example. That’s $190 for 2 professional headshots. A savings of $390 AND you still have access to all of your proofs for up to a year or more. What if you don’t like the photos? You don’t pay for them! Simple as that. You ONLY paid for the time and talent of the photographer. You are not obligated to purchase photos you don’t need.

Now the session fee is out the way…Let’s keep reading!

  1. How does the booking process work from start to end? I’m new to this and very confused on what happens at a photoshoot.


  1. Review the client agreement by signing in as a client. Once you are signed in, you will be able to view the client forms. Make sure you have no questions or concerns before proceeding with booking your session. If you do, feel free to chat or email us.
  2. Figure out when you would like to have your session. Be sure you factor in the photo delivery date. Maximum to receive final images is 15 days not including the time it takes for you to make your final selections and payment.
  3. Navigate to the site calendar to make sure the photographer is available. Make note of the date and proceed to the preferred session. CALENDAR
  4. Head back to your session of choice and follow the prompts. Book your session, making sure to ask as many questions using our LiveChat feature.
  5. Once your session is booked, wait 1-2 business days. You will receive confirmation of your shoot, along with the Client Agreement you’ve already read prior to booking your session. It is assumed that you have read the client agreement and agree to its terms before booking your session, therefore your session is firm.
  6. Be sure you read your email confirmation as it contains very important information concerning clothing, location, etc.
  7. Arrive to your session 30 minutes early to prepare. Be sure you understand that time will not be extended regardless if you are late, unprepared etc. This includes unruly and uncooperative children.
  8. Have fun!
  9. After the session: The photographer will reiterate delivery instructions of your photos. Please refrain from rushing the photographer to deliver your photos before the agreed upon delivery time frame as this could delay delivery even further. If you did not expedite your photo delivery, they will be sent in accordance with our policies. Understand that there are other clients that are in the queue waiting as well so your patience is appreciated.
  10. Proofs are ready to review! You have waited patiently and have just received the email you have been waiting for!! Whoohoo!! You will receive a link to view your photos. Feel free to send them to your agent, family, friends etc. so they can assist in selecting your favorites. Also in this email you were given a link to purchase your photos. You have 2 weeks to purchase at least 1 photo from your gallery until the photos are removed with no communication. It will be assumed you are disinterested in purchasing your photos. If you need more time, send an email and we’ll leave the gallery open.
  11. You made your purchase: Allow the standard delivery to receive your photos.
  12. You are good to go!! Photos have been delivered via email. Proofs will stay in our archives for 6 months. This is usually the amount of time before your looks begin to change. If you’d like to keep the files for longer let us know. 1 year is the maximum. Please purchase the photos you are interested in within 1 year.

Still have questions? Keep reading J

  1. How long will it take for my photos to be delivered? Maximum is 15 days TOTAL which includes 5-10 business days to receive proofs and another 5-10 business days to receive final images. You have the option of selecting to expedite your delivery for a minimal charge. If you do not purchase expedited delivery, photos will not be expedited as there are other clients waiting in queue.
  2. Where are you located? We have 2 studios both located in Waldorf MD
  3. W­hat does a session fee consist of?A session fee pays for the time and talent of the photographer. Photographer prepares studio, paper, and lighting. Photographer entertains the client and provides skilled posing prompts in order to deliver professionally posed photos. The photographer then uploads, and proceeds to compile all the photos. Analyzing, cropping, and preparing your photo proofs for delivery.
  4. How do I get my photos after the photoshoot, if I’ve paid for the session fee?The photos will be purchased by you once your proofs have been delivered. Headshot photos are $50, General photos are $75, and Family photos are $90. There is a discount if you’d like to order a larger QTY.
  5. Can you send me all the photos in my proof gallery? You have access to all of your photos for 6 months for future purchases. SSY does not release unedited photos. Editing, screenshotting, saving the photos in your gallery is unauthorized.
  6. How are photos delivered?Proofs are delivered via a photo gallery. Final photos are delivered via email download. High resolution.
  7. Are there print options? Yes! Proceed to “Order prints” and you’ll be able to purchase prints.
  8. Can you edit the photos first, then I can order?Unfortunately, we cannot. Once you purchase the photos you are interested in, we will send you the final image in draft format so that it can be reviewed (if requested). It is assumed you have reviewed our aesthetic and are familiar with our editing and retouching. Therefore, drastic changes that are not in line with our editing style is prohibited.
  9. Once I received my final edits, I noticed it wasn’t the photo I wanted. I entered the wrong file number when choosing my photo. Can you send me the correct one?Unfortunately, we cannot. Once prompted to enter the file number of the photo when checking out and after payment has been processed and the retouched photo is delivered, no other photos will be sent in its place unless another one is purchased. If you recognized the file number is incorrect before the final image is sent, we can indeed make the correction.
  10. I cannot pose, and I’m not a model. Will you help me? I’m nervous. No need to be nervous. Our job is to make you feel comfortable. We assist you throughout your entire session to make sure you have a set of amazing photos!
  11. Can I bring family and friends to my shoot?You are authorized only 1 guest. Any other guests will not be permitted inside the studio.
  12. Can we share the photos on social media?Absolutely! Editing, crazy crops and filters are prohibited.
  13. Can I come up with my own shoot?Sure! Select the time frame you need, bring your props and go from there. Click here to create your own shoot.
  14. Can I bring my own Makeup Artist! Absolutely! Make sure your MUA is skilled in make-up for photography. We are not responsible for the final outcome of your photos as a result of faulty makeup application. Additional charges to retouch may apply.
  15. I own my own business and need photos of my products. I know I cannot afford $50 per photo. Do you have any other options? Of course! As a business owner myself, I understand how costly it is to run a  business and photos should not have to break the bank. We have a discount program for business owners! You get a rack of photos for almost 70% discounted rates. Check out the package here.

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