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All about Headshots!

A headshot is used for many reasons, but in the entertainment business, a headshot is distributed to promote actors or actresses. Casting directors use these photos as a way to see who they might want to hire for work in their next production. Talent agents use these photos as a way to quickly decide if they want to work with an actor as a client. Therefore, actors, whether experienced or not, need a good headshot to supply to their potential employers, which in most cases is the casting department and talent agencies.



  • Actors need a strong close-up headshot and some 8×10 prints with the actor’s full name imprinted.
  • Models, once signed with an agency, will need a headshot (close-up) and then two to three other 3/4 shots or full body shots. These other shots are referred to as “LOOKS.”
  • An agency’s modeling comp card is usually about 5” x 8” on card stock and often has one headshot on the front with the model’s name.
  • The other 2-4 looks are on the back along with personal information like height, weight and clothing sizes.
  • Be sure to leave room for the agency’s name and logo.

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