Portrait Studio located in Northern VA


Can I submit my child to model for you? Be sure to visit our site often for model calls. We do not accept submissions unless there is a model call. If there are no model calls, you are more than welcomed to purchase a personality portrait.

 I submitted my child, why haven’t you emailed me back? We only accept submissions through model calls. If there is a need for your child, we will contact you for an audition. You are welcomed to purchase a personality portrait.

Can I take behind the scenes photos? No. If you need to take a behind the scene photo, do them before you arrive at the shoot. If you are spotted taking unauthorized behind the scenes photos you will be asked to leave the shoot.

Can I use your backdrop to take photos of my child? No.

I have a great idea can you do a free photo-shoot, my child is cute? No.

Do you take donations? Yes, email info@ssyfotos.com for drop off locations.


HOT TOPIC Regarding TFP Photoshoots

What can we do with the photos once they are received? Make sure you are in compliance:

  1. You can share only the photos you received through an authorized download.
  2. You can share photos we post through Facebook ONLY through Facebook. Once you save and share through other outlets, your opportunity for a download is null.
  3. The photos MUST stay intact. The watermark cannot be removed or chopped off.
  4. The photos cannot be altered in any way (filters, photo apps etc.)
  5. You are not authorized to screenshot and post any photos from the website.
  6. You are not authorized to provide agencies, magazines etc with photos that were not given to you through an authorized download.
  7. If you have an authorized download, you may submit to contests, print, etc. Be sure the agency gives credit to the photographer and does not alter the photo in any way if they plan to repost.

 I saw a photo on Facebook, can I use that photo and receive a different photo download? Again, No.

  •  If you copied and saved any of the photos from Facebook, IG or Twitter you cannot request any additional photos for download. So please do not copy and save until you are sure that's the photo you want.


  • If you require additional photos, you may purchase them for a small amount. Additional photos that were not purchased cannot be reproduced i.e. screenshots. You will be asked to remove the photos that were not included in the download, directly shared through Facebook or purchased. Note: Even if you do not tag SSYFotos in a post, the photos can still be found on the internet. If you cannot adhere to our policies, future participation in our shoots will not be granted and legal actions will follow.


Understand, SSY Photography is a Business, it is not a Non-profit Organization. We pride ourselves in being able to provide promotional photoshoots to future models if the need arises, however if unethical behavior persists we will no longer offer these opportunities.