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This is your child's first time entering into the industry. She is great at taking photos at home and you want to allow her the opportunity to experience the industry before spending too much money chasing her dreams. The first thing EVERY agent/casting director will ask for is...YUP! PHOTOS. How exactly will they know what your child looks like without photos? Most will ask for your social media. Uh..oh.. only have blurry cell phone photos of Susie with her hand on her hip and a fake smile. Maybe you can use the one with Susie eating a cheese burger with sunglasses and a hat on? You send it, and receive no feedback...Now what, she looked so cute eating that cheese burger with her missing tooth. Where did you go wrong?


Agencies want to see your child's face, stature, hair, skin and more importantly their personality, not them eating a cheese burger with a hat and sunglasses on. You may not be as skilled at taking photos of your child as you think. Most children hate taking boring photos for their parents and usually produce a face smile just to get it over with. "Say CHEESE Susie".


Agencies may not ask for professional photos at the time of submission. If they are interested, having a professional portfolio already in hand will make you look like serious parent and will show Susie's range. This will have a positive impact on the outcome because it's apparent she has experience. If you don't have a professional portfolio, once signed you will need to get one with head-shots and full body catalog photos. This my friend is going to cost a pretty penny and you don't even know if little Susie will even like it. What do you do?


Register with Kids Industry Prep Jump Start Program and receive discounted photos dedicated to the industry of choice. You will receive a starter pack of photos to display on your social media and/or send to prospective agencies. Next time they ask you for photos of your child, you won't be embarrassed!




Commercial Print Program - ONLY $972 for 6 Month Installments.  That's just $162 a month!

This program is great for those wanting basic starter catalog photos and actors head-shots. Every starter actor and commercial model needs professional head-shots and catalog photos. Agencies will ask for selfies in the beginning, and many will ask for professional head-shots once you get signed. Be ahead of the game, and show them that you are on the right track towards your child's modeling career. Your child will receive photos similar to those above. 


  • 6 Photos (Outdoor Head-shot, Indoor Catalog, Model Head-shot, Outdoor Catalog, Indoor Head-shot, Fitness)
  • 2 Posing Classes
  • 1 Acting Crash Course (2hrs)
  • 1 Activity


Top Model Program - ONLY $852 for 4 Months Installments. That's just $213 a month!

The Top Model program is dedicated to our aspiring editorial print models. They may not be interested in Acting as much as the Commercial Print Models. These models are strictly interested in the modeling industry. They will learn the basics of modeling. At the end of this program, they will be able to determine if they are truly ready for the modeling industry.


  • 4 Professional Photos (Model HS, 2 Outfits, Portrait, Full Body)
  • 3 Selfies Industry Standard
  • 4 Posing Classes
  • Basic Runway
  • Skincare
  • Makeup Application
  • Activity
  • Event

Dance & Fitness - ONLY $1068 for 6 Months Installments. That's just $178 a month!

This is the best of it's kind. If your child is a dancer or fitness model, this package is sure to get them recognized in the dance industry. Start submitting your little angel for dance modeling as soon as you receive your first batch of photos!


  • 6 Photos (Dance Indoor Full Body, Dance Portrait, Dance Outdoor (3), Basic Model Head-shot
  • 4 Posing Classes
  • 1 Dance Activity Challenge



Fine Art Portraiture - ONLY $1248 for 6 Months Installments. That's just $208 a month!


This program is for your children to gain experience utilizing various facial expressions. KIP teaches the children how to portray natural emotions. We want to make sure the children are not just "posing" however experiencing and evoking true emotion. Photos similar to those above


  • 8 Photos (Vintage Portrait, Black & White, Halo , Black & White Cry, Painted Face, Expression Shoot,  Laughing, Hip Hop)
  • 2 Posing Classes
  • 1 Activity


Pageant Ready Photos - ONLY $1250 for 6 Months Installments. That's just $210 a month!

This program is for your children to receive pageant ready photos. ALL of the pageant kids that have submitted KIP photos have won the "most photogenic" portion of the pageant. Pageant photos have their own requirements therefore, the photos you will receive will be aimed toward the needs of the pageant vice an acting portfolio.


  • 6 Photos (Pageant outdoor Natural, Indoor Natural, Glam or Glitz Portrait, Gown/Sash Indoor or Outdoor, Portrait Crown, Catalog)
  • Posing Crash Course
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Runway & Gown Walking
  • Skincare & Makeup
  • Event (Mock Pageant)
  • Special Guest Q&A - Paid Separately




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