Once fall rolls around, we know the first thing on the to-do-list as a dance team is pictures!  When it comes to photoshoots, SSY Fotos definitely will go above and beyond. No boring plain shoots. Let's get artistic! View a whole range of artistic photos for your sport team here:


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Plan ahead!

Think about these types of shots:

  • Entire dance team
  • Captains photo
  • Each grade as a separate group
  • Individual photos - both head shots as well as fun action pictures

Some end uses to consider for your photos:

  • Year book
  • Memory Book
  • Team Poster
  • Marketing needs like advertising for tryouts or birthday posts on social
  • Personal photos for each dancer

Bring each one of your costumes plus a trend outfit for a one-and-done photo shoot! A trend outfit is a cute way to show each dancer's unique personality, within a framework like color.  Coordinate beforehand, so everyone shows up looking consistent! Pick 2-3 outfits from the following categories:

  • POM
  • Jazz
  • High Kick
  • Practice Wear
  • Warm Ups
  • Trend outfit
  • Avoid wearing loud patterns, as they tend to overpower other things going on in the picture - like your cute hair and makeup, or the crazy cool leg lift you're doing! 
  • Wear nude and strapless undergarments that won't show through your costumes.  It'll save your photo editor a lot of work in the post-production process.  
  • Don't forget about appropriate footwear!  Bring a variety, and match your shoes to your costumes. 


Think big with makeup!  Some tips include:

  • Get spray tans and wear more makeup  than you think you should.  The flash of the camera tends to wash people out, and can completely change the way makeup looks in a photo.  Add more makeup than your every day look.  For tips on doing your own makeup, Buzzfeed's Makeup for Pictures Tutorial is great! 
  • Match your hair to your costume! If you would wear your hair up in a bun with your costume, wear it up in a bun for your picture.  It'll complete the whole look.
  • Wear fake eyelashes.  Wearing fake eyelashes can create a bold, dynamic look, and will give anyone an instant face lift! 
  • Nude nails are an added bonus.  Crazy nail colors, designs, or even false nails can throw off a picture if they're too distracting or clash with your outfit.
  • Bring a shoot choreographer to assist with dance shots


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